Laravel Messenger

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Laravel PHP Messenger
8.x ^7.4 ^8.0 ^8.1 <= 1.19.1
9.x ^8.0.2 ^8.1 >= 1.20.0
10.x ^8.1 ^8.2 ^8.3 >= 1.22.0
11.x ^8.2 ^8.3 >= 1.23.0
  • Route model binding enabled in your API / WEB middleware groups.


  • Realtime messaging between multiple models.
  • RESTful API, allowing you to create your own UI or connect to your mobile app.
  • Private and group threads.
  • Message reactions, replies, edits, and deletion.
  • Send image, document, audio, and video messages.
  • Group thread chat-bots. Ready-made bots
  • Customize and create your own chat-bot handlers and bot packages. See the Chat Bots documentation.
  • Add participants in a group thread from your friends list.
  • Permissions per participant within a group thread.
  • Friends, Search, and Online status systems.
  • Private thread approval when the two participants are not friends.
  • Provider avatars, group thread avatars, and bot avatars.
  • Underlying calling system you can extend. See the Calling documentation.
  • Group thread invitation links (like discord).
  • All endpoints are protected behind policies.
  • Scheduled commands for automated cleanup and checks.
  • Queued jobs fired from our event subscribers.
  • Most features can be toggled at runtime using our Messenger facade.
  • MessengerComposer facade allows you to have easy access to the core actions anywhere within your own app, such as sending messages, images, reactions, and more.
  • You can implement or extend your own BroadcastDriver, VideoDriver, and FriendDriver, simply by binding your classes into the container.
  • Support for morph maps on your provider models. See: Morph Maps
  • Optional extra payload when sending messages to allow custom json to be stored with the message.
  • Owner relationships returns a Ghost Profile when not found (null-object pattern).
  • Private threads auto-lock when the recipient is not found / deleted.

Upcoming for v2


  • This is a Laravel package and must be installed in a laravel application to run.
  • Read through the messenger.php config file before migrating!
  • This is a pure backend driven package providing an API to interact with, thus no web UI or websocket implementation will be setup for you.
  • Calling is disabled by default. You are responsible for implementing your own media server or connecting to a 3rd party provider.
  • Configure your laravel applications broadcast driver and set up your websocket implementation to utilize the real-time broadcast emitted.



composer require rtippin/messenger

To complete the setup, please refer to the installation documentation listed below:


Addons / Demo

  • Messenger Bots - Pre-made bots you can register within this package.
  • Messenger Faker - Adds commands useful in development environments to mock/seed realtime events and messages.
  • Messenger Web UI - Ready-made web routes and publishable views / assets, including default images.
  • Demo App - A demo laravel app with this core package installed, including a Live Demo.

Credits - Richard Tippin




If you discover any security related issues, please email author instead of using the issue tracker.